A Summer Recreation Access Management Plan for the Bulkley Valley

The summer Recreation Access Management Plan (RAMP) report is now finalized.

Summer Recreational Access Management Plan for the Bulkley LRMP February 2013

The Bulkley Valley Community Resources Board (BVCRB) facilitated a summer Recreation Access Management Plan (RAMP) for the Bulkley Valley. The plan:

  • provides sound guidance for government land use policy and decision-making,
  • represents, include and accommodate the wide range of outdoor recreational values in the community,
  • contributes to a pilot project in the implementation of the BC Government’s Provincial Trails Strategy.

The goal is to promote cooperation and decrease conflict between recreation user groups through consensus-based, transparent negotiations between representatives from the public and major recreational user groups. Reducing conflicts and designating areas appropriately will result in high quality recreational experiences for a wide diversity of users. Owing to the different considerations around winter and summer recreation a separate winter and summer RAMP are being conducted. The summer RAMP aims to create area designations and land use agreements that will benefit all modes of motorized and non-motorized recreation (ATVing, hiking, horseback riding, mountain biking, etc).

The RAMP process was managed by a group of five volunteers who are members of the CRB and form the Recreation Subcommittee. The summerRAMP process is now complete. The negotiating Table was composed of 12 people: two from each of four selected summer user groups and four representatives from the general public. The successful applicants are residents of the Bulkley Valley Timber Supply Area and represent a club with a 25 or more members.

Funding for the RAMP process was generously contributed to by Recreation Sites and Trails BC, Wetzink’kwa Community Forest Corporation, and the Real Estate Foundation of British Columbia. Additional support was provided by the Bulkley Valley Research Centre and Northwest Community College.

For a detailed background on the Community Resources Board RAMP process and supporting documents, please explore the list of topics on the right of this page.

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