Related Documents & Correspondence

March 2016 | A Review of population-based management of Southern Mountain caribou in BC, Boutrin and Merrill
2016 | Order - Wildlife Habitat Area #6-333
2015 | Chronology of the Decline of the Telkwa Caribou Herd
2014 | Telkwa Caribou Population Status and Background Information Summary, D Cichowski
2014 | Telkwa Caribou Monitoring 2013-2014, Thiessen
2014 | Recovery Strategy for the Woodland Caribou. Environment Canada
2013 | Telkwa Caribou Collaring and Survey: February/March 2013
2012 | Climate and management interact to explain the decline of woodland caribou (Rangifer tarandus caribou) in Jasper National Park. Bradley and Neufeld
2011 | Telkwa Mountain Access Understanding
2011 | Identifying indirect habitat loss and avoidance of human infrastructure by northern mountain woodland caribou. Polfus et al.
2007 | Translocation and Recovery Efforts for the Telkwa Caribou - Stronen et al.
2007 | Displacement of Mountain Caribou From Winter Habitat by Snowmobiles. Seip et al.
2007 | Estimating resource Selection for woodland Caribou. Matrix Solutions
2006 | Current Recreational Access Agreements: Bulkley TSA. ILMB
2006 | Calf Survival of Woodland Caribou in a Multi-Predator Ecosystem. Gustine et al.
2006 | Quesnel Highland Snowmobile-Mountain Caribou Monitoring Report. Roorda
2004 | Caribou calf mortality, Delta herd, after wolf control. Valkenberg et al.
2003 | Habitat Selection, Female Caribou, Telkwa Range. Roberts et al.
1998 | Section of the Bulkley LRMP on Caribou concerns, Telkwa
1998 | Telkwa Mountains Caribou Herd Recovery Plan. MOE
1996 | Telkwa Mtns Lichen Survey. Houwers
1987 | Effects of Snowmobiling on Winter Range Use by Mt Caribou. MOE
1986 | Telkwa Mtns Caribou Telemetry Progress Report 2
1980 | Snowmobile Conflict with the Telkwa Caribou Herd. Wildlife Branch
1977 | Analysis of Potential for an Ecological Reserve in the Telkwa Mountains to Protect Caribou
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