Bulkley Valley Sustainable Resource Management Plan

[The following excerpt is taken from the introduction to the Bulkley Valley Sustainable Resource Management Plan]

The Bulkley Valley Landscape Unit Plan (LUP) presents objectives and strategies for the resource management within the Bulkley Valley portion of the Bulkley Land and Resource Management Plan LRMP (Map 1 and Map 2) 1. These objectives were initially developed by the Bulkley Valley Community Resource Board (CRB), and the strategies were developed by various resource experts in local government agencies and private industry to meet the objectives. This plan follows Ministerial Policy as presented in the LRMP. The objectives in theLUP will be established by the Integrated Land Management Bureau (ILMB) as policy objectives. In the future, other agencies (e.g. Ministry of Environment) may legally implement objectives under the Forest and Range Practices Act, Land Act, Wildlife Act or other such legislation.

The objectives provide direction for a wide range of resource values. The objectives in the LUP provide sufficient detail to provide direction to government, industry, and local residents and interest groups to allow creative solutions for meeting these land management objectives. The objectives may:

  • be enacted and compulsory where legislation and regulations currently exist;
  • become policy and considered best management practices; or
  • be considered as recommendations for government, industry, and private land owners.

The March, 1996 timber supply analysis of the Bulkley LRMP was a major consideration used in bringing a consensus to the LRMP. The analysis showed that the cumulative timber supply impact resulting from the LRMP management direction was up to approximately 10% for the Bulkley Timber Supply Area (TSA). The impacts summarized in this analysis were considered closely when establishing the following landscape unit objectives. Where objectives were established to meet a special management intent and where this caused greater impact to the timber supply in one area, objectives were modified elsewhere in the plan to lighten timber supply impacts, always with the goal of maintaining the 10% (“LRMP budget”) accepted timber supply impact. In the future, when new objectives and/or additional resource constraints are incorporated into theLUP, the LRMP budget will be considered and the goal will be to keep cumulative impacts to less than 10% for the Bulkley TSA.

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