Community Members

Who are we?

A summary of the organizations and names of community members involved with the establishing of community values. These values were established by coming to consensus. The formation of the Board and it's monthly meetings are proof of it's resilience. It still informs land use planners on community values and perspectives.

Backcountry Ski Society

BC Trappers

Bulkley Valley Backpackers Society

Bulkley Valley Nordic Centre

Bulkley Valley Quad Riders Club

BV Bowman

BV Disc Golf

BV Horseman

BV Naturalists

BV Rod and Gun Club

BVLD Airshed Management Society

Collingwood Bros.

Friends of Bulkley Morice

Guide Outfitters Association of British Columbia

BV Ski and Snowboard Club


Smithers Snowmobile Association

Steelhead Society

Tyee Lake Rec Assoc.

Thanks goes to these people for hashing it out and the legacy that is vibrant to this day in 2023!

Adrian deGroot (Former Chair)

Alison Davis

Anne Harfenist

Anne Hetherington

Barb Veale

Barry Smith

Ben Heemskerk (Vice Chair)

Bob Henderson

Bob Mitchell

Bob Olsen

Brian Shorter

Bryan Swansberg

Casey Pyper

Christoph Dietfelbinger

Cor Van der Mullen

Dallas Kerr

Daryl Hanson

Dave Hatler

Dave Hooper

Dave Stevens (Former Chair)

Dave Tolton

David Belford

David Watts

Dean Daly (Former Chair)

Debbie Wellwood

Don Goalder

Dustin Harvey

Ed Hinchliffe

Elaine Edmisson

Emily Bulmer

Emily McGiffen

Eric Becker

Eugene Bekar

Eugene Wittwer

Frances Taylor

Gary Hanson

Gary Quanstrom

Gerald Jameson

Gord Gunson

Greg Storie (Former Chair)

Hans Smit ( Former Chair)

Harold Kerr

Harold Reedy

Harry Kruisselbrink

Jack Hagen

Jack Hooper

James Smids

Janette Daly

Jay Gilden

Jeff McKay

Jeffrey Anderson

Jessica Hall

John Emmerson

John Fisher

Karen Price

Katie von Gaza

Lloyd Kilbak

Marion Knoerr

Martina Namox

Marty Kranabetter

Mary Ellen Graham (Perrault)

Matt Sakals

Matt Sear

Mattias Westphal

Max Starr

Mike Murray

Mike Sawyer

Paddy Hirshfield

Peter Tweedie

Phil Burton

Ray Carrier

Rick Trowbridge

Rob Boyce

Rob Maurer

Rod Taylor

Ron Vanderstar

Rosemary Fox

Rudy Scholz

Shelley Becker

Steve Derby

Sybille Haeussler

Tara Strauss

Taylor Bachrach (Former Treasurer)

Ted Vanderwart

Terri O'Neill

Tim Penninga

Tim Toman (Former Chair)

Tlell Glover

Tony Harris

Trish Oosterhoff

Wayne Bulhowzer

Wayne Tofsrud

Wes Giesbrecht

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