The Bulkley Valley Community Resources Board was first established in 1991 to complete the Bulkley Land and Resource Management Plan (LRMP). The board was a collection of local citizens with a range of value perspectives who cooperated with the Skeena Stikine District (Bulkley Forest District), under the Hilltop Agreement, to guide land use decisions:

“It is agreed that good decisions about the use and management of the resources of the Bulkley Forest District will be reached through processes which genuinely reflect the wishes of the residents. Such decisions should reflect fully all cultural, economic, ecological and spiritual values which members of the community attach to alternative ways such resources might be managed and used, and the course of action adopted should optimize values to the community and the Province.”

The LRMP was completed in March, 1998, and a new community resources board was formed in 1999 to monitor the implementation of these land use plans.

As outlined in the Terms of Reference, the purpose of the BVCRB is to:

  • Advise government regarding ecologically responsible management of all resources to guarantee long-term resource sustainability and enable communities to maintain their quality of life without compromising the needs of future generations. Implicit in the concept of longterm resource sustainability is the maintenance of the natural biological diversity of the ecosystem (see Appendix A for definitions of sustainability and biological diversity);
  • Represent the range of value perspectives of the community to guide land-use decisions, with the aid of technical information supplied by the appropriate government agencies;
  • Provide advice and comment on other resource issues on crown land that relate to the environmental, social and economic well being of the community when, in the opinion of the Board, such advice and comment is warranted;
  • Monitor the development, implementation, and effectiveness of resource management plans on crown lands, to ensure they provide the most benefits possible to residents of the Communities, the District and the Province;
  • Cooperate with the appropriate provincial government committees and agencies in monitoring and evaluating the implementation and effectiveness of the Bulkley LRMP;
  • Act as the vehicle for public input on issues arising from the LRMP, and public land resource use; and to
  • Review any proposed changes to the LRMP and to cooperatively develop a new LRMP when the current LRMP expires.

View the BVCRB’s Terms of Reference

Board of Directors

Current members of the BVCRB Board

Value Perspectives

The resource value perspectives

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Each year, the BVCRB accepts new board members to serve a three-year term.


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At each meeting, the BVCRB Directors approve the previous meeting's minutes, by consensus. Occasionally, there may a delay if a quorum is not present at the meeting. Please note that the BVCRB does not meet in July or August.

Community Members

A summary of the organizations and names of community members involved with the establishing of community values. These values were established by coming to consensus. The formation of the Board and it's monthly meetings are proof of it's ...read on ยป

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