Background Documents

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Chronology of Events

The Summer RAMP involves the major summer outdoor recreation clubs and associations, as well as members of the public, and is guided by a professional facilitator.


Group facilitation is the art of supporting the group’s members and ensuring that they work fairly and productively as a team toward common goals.


Summer RAMP FAQs.


What is the mandate of the BVCRB and the RAMP?


These maps are the most up-to-date maps that reflect current consensus decisions made by RAMP Table.

Recreation Sub-committee

The BVCRB’s Recreation Sub-committee is responsible for overseeing the Summer RAMP process. This includes planning, fundraising, table member selection, facilitator selection, process oversight, and reporting back to the members of the BVCRB.

Table Members

The BVCRB’s Recreation Sub-Committee selected the following 12 residents of the Bulkley Valley to create a Summer Recreation Access Management Plan for the Bulkley Timber Supply Area. The participants include representatives of summer recreation on »

Table Selection

A selection committee comprised of members of the BVCRB Recreation Subcommittee, has selected 12 Summer RAMP Table members from applications received over the summer. The Table includes representatives from 4 outdoor recreation clubs/associations on »

Terms of Reference

These Terms of Reference (TOR) were developed after consensus was reached by participants during a series of meetings in 2009.

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