Chronology of Events

A Recreational Access Management Plan (RAMP) was partially completed in 1997 for the Bulkley TSA by a diverse group of local people. It identified seasonal restrictions on motorized use on some areas of crown land to address emerging recreational conflicts between motorized and non-motorized users. It established general principles regarding use, education and monitoring, and also established principles specific to motorized and non-motorized recreation and related environmental protection. Portions of the TSA were zoned for seasonal motorized or non-motorized use, and portions of the TSA were left unresolved. Subsequent to 1997, several agreements have been negotiated among stakeholders that have successfully resolved access issues in some areas that were left as “unresolved”, “future process”, or “non-designated” in the RAMP.

The Bulkley Valley Community Resources Board is currently facilitating (Fall 2011) a process to complete the RAMP for summer backcountry recreation in the Bulkley Valley. The Summer RAMP will seek to reduce conflict between recreation user groups through area designations and use agreements. The Summer RAMP will include both motorized recreation such as ATVing and non-motorized recreation such as hiking.

The Summer RAMP involves the major summer outdoor recreation clubs and associations, as well as members of the public, and is guided by a professional facilitator.

Recreational Access Management Plan (RAMP), July 23rd 1997

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