Group facilitation is the art of supporting the group’s members and ensuring that they work fairly and productively as a team toward common goals.

The Summer RAMP planning process brings together participants from a wide range of ages, experience and backgrounds, together with several agency support people. Each brings their own agenda and biases to the planning table. This is positive because it ensures that a range of views and needs will contribute to the plan. But for the Table to remain productive it needs consistent direction, and an open process to ensure that all participants have a fair opportunity to express their needs. Providing this support and direction is the role of the facilitator.

The Summer RAMP facilitator is Tom Chamberlin, of the Northwest Mediation Centre. Tom has been facilitating groups for over 15 years and has an extensive professional background in natural resource management and land use planning. Tom has been a resident of the Bulkley Valley for 22 years.

Tom reports to the Recreation Sub-committee of the Bulkley Valley Community Resources Board and will coordinate and chair the Table’s meetings, keep the table productive, and help the Table develop a final recommended plan which will be presented to the BVCRB.

The facilitator may be reached by e-mail at facilitator@bvcrb.ca.

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