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Janurary 15th, Smithers' Council Chambers the BVCRB will accepts new Board members to serve a three-year term.

The goal is to have a Board that represents a range of community values and perspectives. Those values listed here are commonly held values in previous land use management planning but values change over time and so do the Board's priorities. You can state your intention to join the Board or someone can nominate you. Here is the offical BV CRB JOIN NOW Form.

For more information please contact us. Our email is:

Why Join The Board?

If you would like to know more about your community, land use access and land use management please come participate. We observe land use decision making and comment on recreational, environmental and industrial activites that impact the land, backcountry access, habitats, ecosystems, visual landcapes and more.

Open Letter - CRB Recruiting Members

Dear Citizen,

The BVCRB was established in 1991 to complete the Bulkley Valley “Land and Resource Management Plan” (LRMP). This LRMP guides management of public lands and resources for the Bulkley Timber Supply Area, an area of approx. 760 000 hectares. The BVCRB is a collection of local citizens with a range of value perspectives. The Board is entrusted with representing the public interest in land and resource management. To find out more on the LRMP and values please click here:

To maintain the balance of resource values, sometimes under threat, we need your participation. Please consider joining our board once a month to discuss the stated land use planning values, which include a diverse collection of topics related to the LRMP. Get informed of the pressures on our economy and environment, the diverse array of inhabitants and users. Help define and maintain the common good. To see what we are currently discussing follow this link.

We invite you to come and hear our guest presentations and meet current members of the board. Our meeting schedule is posted below.

If you wood indeed like to join our board please email us at, OR fill out an application to the board OR come to one of our meetings.

Sincerely yours,

Robert D. Mitchell   Vice Chair, 2020

What Does The Board Do?

Today, we are a diverse group of community members with meaningful input on protecting commonly held values in local land-use decision making. Our comon values have changed little since we were first established and the Board continues to play an important role by acting as a vehicle for public input and advising government and industry on resource management on crown lands.

What Are Some Current Issues Being Considered By The Board

  • Wildlife Habitat Management Area (WHMA) land act designations
  • Winter Recreation Access Management: Recreational amenities are a significant contributor to local lifestyles and the economy. The BVCRB is actively encouraging the completion of a Winter Recreation Access Management Plan, a key to maintaining good relations between those who use the backcountry for recreation.
  • BCTS Operating Plans
  • Forestry and Carbon in BC
  • Reiseter Special Management Zone, VQO complaints, log hauling traffic, Opportunities to be Heard
  • Management of Resources in the Face of LNG Pipeline Expansion: How will pipeline corridors affect wildlife habitat, water quality, and other resources. 
  • Telkwa Coal 
  • Wildfire Risk Reduction Plans
  • Ecosystem Networks
  • Recreation Access

Who Is On The Board?

Curent Board Members. Now recruiting a new Board.

Current and Former Participants in the establishment of the commonly held values of the BVCRB.

The BVCRB is ideally comprised of 12 volunteers representing the full range of value perspectives in the community. Board members typically serve 1 or more 3 year terms, and this rotation means there are several openings on the board each year.

New Directors Wanted

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