Bulkley Valley Land and Resource Management Plan

The Bulkley Land and Resource Management Plan (LRMP) is a sub-regional land use plan covering approximately 760,000 hectares of north central British Columbia. This LRMP guides management of public lands and resources for the Bulkley Plan Area which coincides with the Bulkley portion of the Bulkley/Cassiar Forest District in the Prince Rupert Forest Region.

The Bulkley LRMP process is consistent with provincial government policy for Land and Resource Management Planning, as described in the Provincial Land Use Charter (1992) and the policy document Land and Resource Management Planning: A Statement of Principles and Process (1993).

The Bulkley LRMP is built upon and closely reflects the Consensus Management Direction (CMD) reached by the 12-member Bulkley Valley Community Resources Board (CRB or Board) through a five and one-half year process of study and consultation. This board of public representatives devised the CMD to reflect the range of land use values within the Plan Area, using biodiversity and sustainability as core concepts.

The Board ratified the CMD in June 1996 after public input. This was followed shortly thereafter by endorsement from the Interagency Management Committee (IAMC) of provincial agency regional managers. Government announced approval-in-principle of the CMD in June of 1997, and directed the production of this final LRMP document.

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