Background Documents


Map of Gates - Bulkley TSA (Jan 2007) (This file is too big to put on the website. If you would like a copy please contact

Bulkley Valley RAMP on the BC Government website (July 23, 1997)

Resource Value Perspectives

Bulkley Tourism Opportunity Study, Greg Meredith, May 2002 (Available by loan from BVCRB)

Related Documents & Correspondence

| Terms of Reference for the Bulkley RAMP Tables
June 30, 2011 | Process for Selection of the RAMP Table members Q & A
Jan 10, 2011 | Recreation Sites and Trails BC letter of support for RAMP
Jan 2011 | Telkwa Caribou Recovery Area Access Understanding
Aug 5, 2009 | List of Existing Gates and Gate Policy
Nov 2007 | Proposed process for completing the Bulkley Recreation Access Management Plan
May 2006 | Current Recreational Access Agreements: Bulkley TSA
Sept 6, 1994 | Interim Babine River Coordinated Access Management Plan, Bulkley Portion
Jul 27, 1992 | Decisions Made on Babine River Local Resource Use Plan
March 1998 | Bulkley Land and Resource Management Plan (LRMP)
| Bulkley LRMP Summary
September 2005 | Bulkley Valley Sustainable Resource Management Plan
| Terms of Reference: Purpose of the Board, scope and responsibility, decision making, and LRMP amendment process
Nov 2006 | Bulkley Implementation Plan and Progress Report
2000 | Bulkley LRMP Higher Level Plan Order
Dec 2006 | Bulkley LRMP Higher Level Plan Order
| Bulkley TSA Strategic Recreation Study
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