Value Perspectives

The resource value perspectives:

  • Applies particular value to timber production.
  • Attaches particular value to timber production by small operators.
  • Favours the maintenance of ecosystem integrity through principles of ecologically based management.
  • Attaches particular value to the preservation of large tracts of wilderness , with limited access.
  • Favours management of forestland resources to maintain habitat of hunted animal species and aesthetic quality of hunting environment.
  • Favours management of forestland resources to maintain populations of animals subject to trapping.
  • Favours management of forestland resources so as to maintain quality of fish habitat and aesthetic quality of fishing environment.
  • Attaches particular significance to a subsistence lifestyle and spiritual values.
  • Favours maintaining features of forestland resources that attract tourists.
  • Favours maintaining water quality for agriculture as well as access to and quality of grazing on forestland.
  • Favours management to enhance recreation access and recreation facilities with minimum activity restrictions.
  • Desires to preserve access to forestlands for mineral exploration and development.
  • Dependent on commercial uses of forestland and perceives such uses as essential to secondary commercial activity.
  • Supports application of advanced technology to management and uses of resources in order to improve upon nature.
  • Favours preservation of aesthetic features of forestlands including landscapes and localized natural attributes.
  • Favours preservation of historical and cultural features of forestlands.
  • Particularly values motorized recreational activities and the maintenance of access by motorized recreational transportation methods.
  • Particularly values non-motorized recreational activities and access to areas where this use predominates.

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